What are pocketed springs?

Technology related to sleep continues to evolve every year, and you might miss out on some terms. Today, we will explain what pocket springs are, which you can find in some of the mattresses in Colchón La Nuit’s catalog.

What are pocket springs?

Spring mattresses are widely known and have been extensively used. The emergence of materials such as latex or memory foam led many households to adopt these other technologies, but spring mattresses still had a lot to offer.

That’s when pocket springs came along. What are pocket springs? They are springs that work independently from each other. The springs, designed with different thicknesses and sizes, are placed inside small fabric pockets, which keep them under tension and allow them to stick together.

This connection allows each spring to expand and contract independently, unlike the old springs that were interconnected with metal. As a result, each spring can respond individually.


Thanks to this feature, the mattress that includes them, such as the Princess mattress by Colchón La Nuit, allows each zone to sink as needed without affecting the rest, providing customized support for every part of our body.

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