What mattress to buy for an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds are a good solution for people with mobility issues, although they also have their advantages for any user. So, what mattress should you buy for an adjustable bed?

What mattress to buy for an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed allows reclining the upper body and legs, so the accompanying mattress should be able to bend.

That’s why the mattress core should be made of a flexible and elastic material that can change its shape when reclined and return to its original shape. In Colchón La Nuit’s catalog, there are numerous possibilities.

For example, you can choose a foam core mattress like the Acqua mattress, which has a Nanocel® foam core that allows for posture changes and provides great comfort.

Another option for your adjustable bed is the Perla mattress with the Vitalpure core. Its flexibility allows for articulated movements of the bed base while providing extra firmness.

Can I use a spring mattress on an adjustable bed?

Perhaps you’ve wondered if your spring mattress would be suitable for an adjustable bed, and the answer is simple. No.

Using a spring mattress on an adjustable bed is not possible as they end up deforming and becoming unusable, resulting in lumps that hinder sleep.

This is because the springs lose their shape and, therefore, render the mattress unusable.

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