Should I change my mattress? Would your mattress pass the inspection?

Sometimes you wonder, should I change my mattress? Keeping your car in good condition is important, just like keeping your mattress in good condition. Would your mattress pass a technical inspection? Should you replace it?

We provide you with a series of points to check on your mattress that you should leave unchecked. If you check any of them, it might be time to buy a new mattress! And if you check any of them, do it as soon as possible.

☐ Should I change my mattress if it’s over 8 years old?

The passage of nights on your mattress affects its structure. Our weight on its core, regardless of the type, affects it, causing it to lose its initial comfort and the purpose it was designed for.

If your mattress is over 8 years old, you should start thinking about replacing it with a new one, as the foams, springs, and other components have lost much of their elasticity.

☐ Do you have back or neck pain?

Back or neck pain is most common when we have a mattress in poor condition. When the mattress sinks incorrectly under our body, it forces us into uncomfortable positions with negative effects on our body.


☐ Is your mattress making noise?

There are many reasons why a mattress may make noise, and most of them are related to excessive wear and tear. For example, a worn-out spring mattress will produce noise associated with these springs, which have lost their elasticity and may no longer provide proper support for our weight.

☐ Do you and your partner end up in the middle of the bed?

This is a common symptom of a damaged mattress. When sleeping as a couple, the mattress tends to trap us in the middle because it has sagged in that area.

Have you checked any of these? Find your new mattress at La Nuit.

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