How to Sleep Cool in Summer Without Turning on the Air Conditioning

Summer is one of the sleep enemies for many people. The heat during the night often prevents peaceful sleep and keeps us tossing and turning on the mattress all night. At Colchón La Nuit, we want you to rest and wake up full of #GoodVibes, so we provide tips on how to sleep cool in summer without turning on the air conditioning.

How to Sleep Cool in Summer Without Turning on the Air Conditioning

The ideal sleeping temperature ranges from 15 to 22 degrees Celsius. Once it goes beyond 26 degrees Celsius, our body starts sweating to cool down, which makes us feel uncomfortable. Additionally, we tend to move more on the mattress.

One of the important factors is the mattress itself. Mattresses like the Acqua model from La Nuit allow for more peaceful sleep due to their manufacturing materials such as Energex® foam.

Continuing with the elements of our bed, it is crucial to consider the fabric of the sheets you use. Cotton sheets are the perfect choice. Cotton is a natural and breathable fabric that allows our body to breathe, preventing heat in the form of vapor from being trapped in the sheets.

During the day, we recommend closing blinds and curtains in the room. This will prevent sunlight from entering and heating up the room. Thus, we can achieve a lower temperature when going to bed.

If you have electronic devices in the room, it is advisable to disconnect them. Although the heat they generate in the environment is usually imperceptible, the rise in room temperature can cause these devices to also heat up, resulting in an even greater contribution of heat to our room.

Prepare for Sleep

There are other important habits to stay cool during the night, such as having light dinners that promote digestion and prevent our body temperature from rising due to digestion, taking a shower before bed with lukewarm water, and keeping areas like the neck, wrists, or ankles cool to maintain a lower body temperature.

With these tips, your summer nights are sure to become cooler.

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