Mindfulness to recharge our #GoodVibes

Happiness has been on everyone’s lips and on the minds of scholars for… well, forever. Nowadays, finding happiness is more challenging with all our daily tasks. However, being happy is crucial, and we provide some tips for that, like practicing Mindfulness to recharge our #GoodVibes.

Mindfulness to recharge our #GoodVibes

Our fast-paced lifestyle allows us little time to dedicate to ourselves, to get to know ourselves, to breathe and feel. According to the WHO, being healthy involves our mental and emotional balance, which Mindfulness can help with.

Mindfulness is a meditation practice that allows us to direct our awareness to the present moment. What matters is the present, not the future or the past, helping us connect with our sensations, feelings, and needs.

To engage in this healthy practice, we only need 30 minutes a day and a space where we can feel comfortable.

It is a simple technique, but we must dedicate the necessary time to it. We should sit in an upright position and begin to relax, breathing calmly and letting our thoughts flow, entering and leaving our minds without focusing on any particular one.

We will focus solely on the present, on this moment that we are experiencing right now, without judging what we feel, but truly feeling it.

Thanks to this, with practice, we will connect with the present self, the one capable of enjoying the moment, of feeling, of living, without thinking about the future, future problems, or possibilities, simply savoring the moment.

Enjoying each of our senses, the textures, colors, scents, flavors, sounds…

Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Daily Life

Although those 30 minutes a day are very useful for connecting with the present self, we can also practice Mindfulness throughout our day. There are many ways to do it, such as focusing on our footsteps while walking, feeling our bodies, savoring the smells and tastes of food while cooking or eating, feeling the water run through our bodies while showering…

These actions may seem simple, but we are often disconnected from them in our daily lives, and they are essential for self-discovery and recharging our #GoodVibes.

We are going to start with our Mindfulness practice. And you?

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