Is it recommended to have a plant in the bedroom?

Although we may doubt or be made to doubt whether it is recommended to have a plant in the bedroom, the reality is that their effect is very beneficial for us. Let us explain why.

Is it recommended to have a plant in the bedroom?

The answer is yes. Why? Although plants breathe oxygen like us and release carbon dioxide, the amount they emit is insignificant compared to the amount of oxygen they release.

During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and convert it into oxygen using the energy of the sun and a series of chemical reactions. This natural process oxygenates the air and cleanses it.

This oxygenation of the environment has significant effects on our body. Additionally, the color and scent of plants have effects on us that make us feel more optimistic and joyful.

Thanks to this, your sleep can be improved, allowing you to rest better and wake up each morning with more #GoodVibes.

What plants can I put in my bedroom?

Here are some plants that you can place in your bedroom for decoration and air purification:

  • Devil’s Ivy: a traditional houseplant that decorates and absorbs elements like formaldehyde and benzene.
  • Bamboo Palm or Chinese Palm: large-sized plants that not only decorate but also purify the air.
  • Ficus: plants from the ficus genus are known for their large green leaves and most of them are evergreen. They will add a natural touch to your space and are very resilient air purifiers.
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