Find the best mattress for sleeping as a couple in 2023

Today on Valentine’s Day, at Colchón La Nuit we want to inform you so that you can find the best mattress to sleep as a couple this 2023.

The best mattress for couples sleeping

When we talk about sleeping with a partner, we have to take into account that during our rest we can move an average of 24 times during the night. This means that during our rest we will have about 48 movements in bed that can disturb our sleep. To avoid this, we are going to give you tips to find the best mattress to sleep as a couple this 2023.

The most important thing is to choose a mattress that allows the movement of each member of the couple independently. This means that our mattress must have independence of beds.

What does independence of beds mean in a mattress?

When we talk about the independence of beds in a mattress, we are talking about the fact that its core has the capacity to absorb our movements without these being transferred to another area of ​​the mattress.

With this we achieve that when we move, only the area in which we are supported absorbs that energy, without sinking the rest of the mattress and allowing our companion to continue resting without interruption.

An example of this independence of beds can be found in our Princess mattress by Colchón La Nuit, a mattress with a pocket sprung core that allows a premium rest when sleeping with your partner.

How does a pocket spring core work?

The pocket spring core has a number of springs distributed throughout the mattress that are inside fabric bags. These springs are attached to each other in a way that allows each of them to compress and stretch independently.

With this it is achieved that each point of the mattress can sink without affecting those around it and allowing perfect independence for rest as a couple.

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