Walking and its benefits for our health and #GoodVibes

It is well known that walking is a highly recommended exercise for health. It is a way to stay fit that is free and easy to incorporate into our daily routine. Today at La Nuit, we share some data with you that you may not know about the benefits of walking, so you can fill yourself with #GoodVibes.

Benefits of walking

Taking walks and going for walks has various benefits for our health. We are sure that once you have read them, you will decide to incorporate some small walks into your daily routine.

One of the benefits comes directly from the sun. Walking in the sun increases the levels of vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D is a natural nutrient that is difficult to obtain. Some foods such as tuna, egg yolks, or milk contain a small amount of it, but exposing ourselves to the sun allows our skin to naturally produce it.

It is worth noting that this vitamin is essential for the health of teeth, bones, and calcium absorption, in addition to playing a fundamental role in our nervous, muscular, and immune systems.

In the second place, walking allows us to lose weight by burning calories during our walk. However, this depends on factors such as the distance covered, speed, and the terrain on which we walk.

It is a great way to improve circulation in our lower extremities. Our heart will pump more forcefully to them as they require nutrients and oxygen during the walk, improving their strength.

Outside of the direct physical effects, there are others such as stress reduction. This is due to the release of endorphins by our body, which help us reduce anxiety and improve our mood.

Numerous studies and experts suggest that walking for 30 minutes a day has significant health benefits and contributes to your #GoodVibes, so take note, go for a walk, and when you return, we’ll be here for you to rest on your La Nuit mattress.

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