Resting on your side, stomach, or with a partner – Health and Rest

One of the most common discomforts caused by poor rest is shoulder, neck, or lower back pain. In this video, Álvaro Valenzuela, certified physiotherapist, explains one way to avoid these pains.

The key is the mattress’s support

Sleeping on your side or stomach is a habit for many people, but these positions can cause tension and lead to neck, shoulder, or lower back pain.

One way to avoid such tension and the pain it causes is to choose a mattress that adapts to our needs, such as the Ópalo mattress from Colchón La Nuit.

The soft support of this mattress allows it to mold to our body in any position, relieving the tension caused by firmer mattresses.

Its pocket spring core, in addition to supporting your body and adapting each spring to its corresponding part, allows for movement without disturbing the sleep of your partner or vice versa thanks to the independent movement of each individual spring in this model.


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