How to clean your mattress and keep it as good as new

Over time and with use, the outer fabric of our mattress gets dirty, especially if we’re talking about the little ones in the house. Today, at Colchón La Nuit, we provide you with some tips on how to clean your mattress and keep it as good as new.

How to clean your mattress and keep it as good as new

Keeping our mattress clean is essential. On average, we spend about 7 hours sleeping on it, and it’s crucial that we lie down on a clean mattress.

For example, the dust in our rooms contains dust mites, tiny organisms that feed on dead skin cells, and that’s why the surface of our mattresses is a perfect place for them to thrive.

It’s recommended to clean it at least every 6 months and take the opportunity to rotate the mattress.

There are many methods to clean your mattress. One of them, to remove the most visible stains, is to use water with liquid detergent to create foam. This foam is what we will use to spread over the stains using a sponge and rub on them, avoiding excessive wetting of the mattress. If you notice that the mattress is slightly damp, don’t worry, you can use a hairdryer to dry it.

Another highly effective method for these stains is to use lemon mixed with water, which not only removes the stains but also eliminates any odors. Cleaning vinegar is another option for these stains.

How do I get rid of dust mites?

The easiest way to get rid of dust mites is to use baking soda, sprinkled over the mattress, and then spray hydrogen peroxide or cleaning vinegar using a sprayer.

Leave this mixture on for about 45 minutes, and then scrub with a sponge until you see the baking soda turning dark, removing the dirt.

Finally, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the remaining baking soda. If you notice the mattress is damp, use your hairdryer again.


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