One of the basic and vital needs of human beings is sleep. It allows us to rest and recharge our energy to face a new day. But not everyone sleeps the same way. That’s why in this post, we gather some curious facts about famous individuals that you may not have known. Unconventional sleep habits and surprising curiosities.

· LEONARDO DA VINCI It is said that he slept in short intervals throughout the day and night, instead of sleeping for a full night.

· ALBERT EINSTEIN He slept for 10 hours every night and enjoyed daily naps.

· WINSTON CHURCHILL They say he liked to take an early afternoon nap to have energy for working at night.

· THOMAS EDISON He was convinced that only 3 or 4 hours of sleep were necessary to obtain optimal rest.

· MARGARET THATCHER She slept for 4 hours every night and woke up at 5:00 am to start her daily routine.

· CHARLES DICKENS It is said that he slept every night in front of a mirror to ensure that his hair and mustache remained perfect during his rest.

· SALVADOR DALÍ He used a technique called “light sleep” to have creative ideas. He would fall asleep holding a key, and when it dropped, he would wake up with a fresh idea.

And you, do you also have a curious or particular way of approaching sleep?

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