Sleeping well as a prevention of obesity

Sleeping well is an important factor for our quality of life. A good rest has a positive effect on our brain, allowing us to maintain good cognitive function, but it can also provide benefits that are not directly related, such as obesity prevention.

Adults who sleep an average of 7 hours per day are less predisposed to obesity

According to studies conducted by experts such as Spiegel, Tasali, Penev, and Van Cauter in 2004, our hours of sleep can directly affect our chances of developing obesity.

According to their study conducted at the University of Chicago with 12 men, adults who sleep less than 5 hours per night tend to have a higher risk of overweight than those who sleep an average of 7 hours.

This is due to changes related to metabolism. For example, adults who slept fewer hours experienced an increase in appetite, especially for high-calorie foods such as sweets or pasta.

Therefore, a good rest not only provides immediate well-being to our body and brain, but it can also help us avoid consequences such as obesity.

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